My son aged 9 years old has had a mild lisp and we felt that with some help he could improve his speech .

We attended approximately six sessions of speech and language therapy which took place at my son’s primary school within his school day. 

Each session was delivered in a very interactive and fun way that my son actually looked forward to his sessions and came out, feeling very happy and positive. He was developing new skills without even realising.  

As his mother, I also attended the sessions which gave me the opportunity to follow through with the exercises at home and keep the speech therapy consistent. 

I was provided with a number of activities to support him and felt very well informed on how the process works. As a result he does not talk with the lisp anymore, and if occasionally, when he’s tired, the odd sound may present a lisp he has the ability to correct himself and skills to sound out the words clearly and with consistency.

We are very grateful to Namrata for her time and expertise, and I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for speech and language therapy.

Sharon, Hertfordshire

I started my son’s SLT with Namrata and now he has made amazing progress with his speech and communication. Namrata is a professional with excellent understanding of children with Autism, and speech and language delays. She really works to keep his focus, keep him enthusiastic and engaged, and is now more able to communicate his needs and ask an adult for help. His speech is also improving with Namrata’s help, he tries to use his syllables more and imitates sounds. Namrata is a kind and considerate person, and firm as she manages to get my son to engage and follow her session. We have seen amazing improvements in our son’s speech, language, and general communication, due to the wonderful sessions with Namrata. She provides useful feedback on sessions and explains how we can continue building his communication skills. I would highly recommend Namrata to any family looking for amazing SLT for their children. 

Tina, London

Nam was amazing, she listened to my concerns. I didn’t hear her say “he’s too young.” We took Nam’s advice on board, and we started to notice a positive change in Zain. The professional support Nam gave me before and after Zain’s diagnoses was excellent and I can’t thank her enough, because I felt lonely and stressed out with mixed emotions.

From not saying any words. Zain has started to say a few words, such as bye bye, mum and dad . I’m so glad that I had Nam involved when I needed the support, her knowledge, experience and understanding in this field speaks volumes. Nam thank you so much for everything.

Sham, Oxford