For Parents

Your child has so much to share with you. Let’s help them communicate it. 

It’s not just about working directly with the child/young person, it is also about empowering all the adults to confidently support the child/young person’s communication in everyday situation.  Which is why Nam’s approach to therapy involves working with parents and educational staff. Working together to work out where your child is at with their communication and setting meaningful goals to support their progress. 

For Parents

How can Nam Speech Therapy help children and parents / carers?

  • We offer a free initial telephone conversation
  • Assessment, advice and planning of next steps.
  • The session can be carried out either at your home or your child’s nursery, school or college
  • Individual therapy sessions delivered in environment which is familiar to your child.
  • Detailed reports for Education and Health Care Plans, Annual Reviews and transition reviews.


Initial Consultation

Your initial assessment may include:

  • Case history with parents/carers relating to your child’s development to date and your concerns.
  • You child’s speech, language and communication skills are assessed using informal assessment and/or standardised assessment when appropriate.
  • Time for discussion regarding assessment findings, and recommended next steps.
  • A written report is provided with the assessment findings and recommendations.
  • The initial assessment will usually last one hour.
  • Get Started with your FREE Telephone Consultation.